Growing up in a large family Jeremy spent much of his life living in some

form of insecurity which led him to struggle with everything from jealousy

to drug addiction. After playing music in the bar circuit for over 15yrs

Jeremy made the decision to walk away and dedicate his life and music

to the Lord. Starting as a lead guitarist for the church worship team he

quickly transitioned to lead vocalist/guitar leading his own team on

Sunday mornings, it wasn't much longer before he began to write and

compose his own songs. As he began to receive his identity in Christ

he started to experience a healing, an overwhelming encounter with God,

where years of insecurity and baggage were removed from his life.

“When we know how our father sees us,we stop comparing ourselves to

one another.  Once you know who you are in Christ you truly don't want to be

anyone else,this truth set me free.”-Jeremy Riley

Hear jeremy share his testimony